15 Best Yoga Poses For Hair Growth

yoga for hair growth

From TV stars to A-list super stars, what one thing you can find common between them? If asked about the secret of their never-aging beauty, most of them would answer “yoga”. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate secret to ever-lasting health and beauty is yoga. A connection has been found between yoga and hair growth also yoga for hair loss is the most recommended treatment. Most of you are not aware of the countless advantages yoga has and most of you aren’t even interested in it. But let me tell you, yoga for hair growth is one of the most efficient ways to go for.

Why yoga heals your hair?

First let`s talk about how yoga actually stimulates hair growth. We can deduce many advantageous reasons for doing which directly enhance hair growth.
• It helps in circulating blood properly in the whole body especially the scalp.
• It relieves a person of physical stress and anxiety which are the main causes of hair fall.
• Helps brain in consuming good amount of oxygen.
• Helps in proficient absorption of nutrients.

What are the Best Yoga positions for Hair Growth?

If you are someone who don’t have the luxury of time for dealing with hair problems, then these 15 best yoga positions for hair growth are definitely worth your time.
1. Standing upright (Uttanasana):
yoga for hair growth
This position mostly helps your blood circulation especially to the scalp. For this position, bend down such that your head touches your knees while your hips and legs are up-straight. Take a few breathes while in this position and take a deep breathe when releasing from the position.

2. The Rabbit Pose(Sasangasana):

yoga for hair growth
Another yoga position for hair growth which provides good circulation to your head. First of all sit with your hips on your heels and while bending forward towards the floor try extending your hands to your feet. When you achieve that position, pull your hips up and take a few long breathes in this pose. Release your breaths as you relax from the position.

3. The Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana):

yoga for hair growth
Yoga and hair loss, one is a solution while the other is the problems. If you want it to turn into yoga and hair growth then you should try the thunderbolt pose. You simply sit on your knees in this pose and let your back rest on your heels. Now take a few deep breathes while stretching your back straight. This pose helps in supplying energy and blood to upper parts of the body.

4. The Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana):

Yoga for hair growth
This amazing pose will help put an end to that unwanted stress by accumulating absolute blood circulation to your health. In other this position is one of the best yoga poses for hair growth. For this position you just need to stand straight on your mat while slowly bending down and stretching your palm on the ground. A few breaths are essential in this position while release breathe coming back to the initial position.

5. The Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana):
yoga for hair growth
If you are having a hard time with all the other poses then don’t worry this one wont cause you any problem. This pose is the most basic yoga pose for hair growth and quickest circulation to the head. For this position, you need to make a 90 degree pose with floor while lifting your legs straight up. After doing that, raise your waist along with taking deep breathes while pushing your legs backward.

6. The Camel Pose (Ustrasana):

Yoga for hair growth

Yoga for hair growth – Ustrasana

This yoga pose is one of the most recommended positions for hair growth. This pose will stimulate the hair growth cells to work faster. For achieving this position you simply sit of your knees and keep your hands on your waist. Now slowly making your body upright, you grab your feet my taking your hands backwards. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds.

7. The Rubbing Nail Pose (Balayam Yoga):
If you are running against the clock but your hair is falling even faster than that then you should practice this pose. The easiest and simplest of the yoga poses for hair growth you can try anytime. You simply put nails of each hand in contact with the other by curling your fingers. Move the fingers more towards the palm and start rubbing the nails together as long as you can.

8. The Fish Pose (Matsyasana):
Don’t worry if hair loss has become your biggest problem, try this easy pose and see the result in no time. For fish pose all you need to do is lie straight and push your stomach upwards with the help of your palms at the back of your thighs. You will be experiencing great results in no time.

9. The Raised Feet Pose (Uttanpadasana):
This yoga is a bit different and relatively easier than uttanasana. For this pose you don’t need to push your hips p to make a 90 degree angle. Simply lay straight, raise your legs straight and push the backward.

10. The Deep Breathing (Kapalbhati):
Good circulation of oxygen in the whole body can solve half of your problems and even hair loss. Yoga and hair growth has a deep connection that is why it is recommended for hair loss. For this exercise, sit straight on the floor and cross your legs in front of you. As you do that, inhale and exhale deeply feeling your abdominal muscles stretch and pull.

11. The Wind Relieving Pose (Pavanamuktasana):
This easy yoga pose for hair growth is the most common exercise you can find. Achieving this pose includes laying straight on your back and taking in air deeply. While doing so, reach out for one leg and slowing pull it towards your chest and let all the air out at this position. Repeat the process for the second leg.

12. Meditation:
Yoga is not just an experience good for your hair but it`s also magic for your whole body as well. People who practice yoga daily are healthier and more active than most people. If you are short on time and having hard time making the other poses then you can try meditation. Meditation has found to be an amazing exercise for relieving stress. Remember that is a major cause for hair loss.

13. The Knees To Chest Pose (Apanasana):
This pose is widely practiced by women daily. All you need to do is lay straight on your back and pull both your knees towards your chest. Wrap both arms around your knees and maintain the posture. This yoga pose is found to be highly effective for your spine as well.

14. The Squat And Rise Pose:
Recommended highly for women facing hair loss, this pose will solve all your hair issues in no time. This pose is just like doing squats which is nothing hard to learn. Open your legs and stretch them in the direction of each feet. Bend down your knees and as you do that bring your palms together just below your lower belly. Maintain the posture for a few seconds then release.

15. The Headstand Pose (Sirsasana):
This is one of the most hardest yoga poses for hair loss but it`s also most effective. In this pose you literally have to stand straight up on your head which makes it quite challenging. This pose is recommended for men only and also for very professional yoga practitioners.

So that wraps up our countdown for 15 best yoga positions for hair growth. Taking care of your body is one of the major tasks in your life. Efforts should be made to maintain your health in any way possible. Whether hair loss today or not but your whole body needs your attention and yoga can be one way to tackle it.

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