Thinning hair in women – 5 Causes and Remedies


Thinning hair in women is a common concern. Pregnancy, depression, vitamin deficiency, stress and medication side-effects are some causes of hair loss. These condition affects the natural hair growth cycle and disturbs its stages. In order to find solutions of your thinning hair you need to look at the causes first.

Causes and Remedies of Thinning Hair in women:

1. Get rid of stress!

Your hair follicle is pushed into an early resting phase due to triggered stress. This stress can come after a trauma, physical stress, illness and emotional instability. Dermatologists say that the hair loss isn’t permanent and the resting face can disintegrate once you start relaxing.
Obviously the remedy for stress is right in front of us, we just need to grab it! Women suffering from thinning hair reported a big change in their hair growth once they started taking relaxation therapies. The resting face comes back to its normal pace and new hair grows out.

2. Balance your Diet:

Dermatologists explain that ignoring the balance of diet can rapidly cause hair to fall out. It is further explained that when we intake too much fatty food, the cholesterol tends to thin out the veins. This cuts off good blood flow to the hair follicle.
One of the biggest reasons of thinning hair is lack of nutrients. Hair is like any other organ of your body which needs blood and Oxygen. Unhealthy food blocks that flow that is why doctors recommend a diet full of Vitamin B and iron. Foods like leafy vegetables, fish, carrots, avocado, eggs, coconut, nuts, spinach and iron rich dietary is a must for healthy hair follicle.

3. Hormonal Disorder:

Messed up hormones, after pregnancy issues, aging, and thyroid hormones are some more culprits in hair loss. Most women complain about a brush full of hair right after having a baby. Thinning hair due to hormonal disorder can also come from the family. It means that your hair follicle is naturally shrunk.
The first thing you can do is to get a full body check and blood checkup. You can scratch out what is responsible and what is not. When it comes to natural disorders it is better not to mingle without knowledge. Doctors say that the thinning hair due to hormone disorder goes away in 2 to 6 months (in case of child-birth). You can try drugs which can kick start your follicle to go into the growing stage. The best current drug for any kind of hair loss is Minoxidil.

4. Anemia:

The deficiency of iron is knows as Anemia. Iron makes red blood cells in your body which in turn takes oxygen and blood to the whole body. If your hair starts to receive less of both of the things then your hair follicle will risk going into the resting phase. Deficiency of iron will shrink the hair follicle resulting in thinning hair.
The best remedy for Anemia is to eat nutrients which are rich is iron. Foods like spinach, beef, pork, fish and leafy vegetables can grow back your beautiful locks in no time.

5. Don’t style too much!

We know how important it is to keep your style up to date. That includes your hair as well. But research shows that excessive amount of styling, shampooing and dyeing can harm your hair. Hair products contain chemicals that can trigger hair loss. Hair drying and ironing can suck out all the moisture from your hair, leaving them rough and dry.
The basic remedy is to avoid heating your hair unnecessary. Go back to basics. It means that pull a habit of oiling your hair a few times a week. Cut back on the styling and let your hair be in its natural form. Use medically prescribed shampoos and hair products for a while. Avoid dyeing and hair coloring.

Thinning hair in women can turn out to be a very stressful problem. Identifying the cause can help you accomplish the remedies real fast. The best thing is to provide all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to your hair. Taking your dermatologist`s advice and cutting back on artificial products.

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