losing Hair In My Teens? 6 Major reasons for hair loss in teenagers.

Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part Two UK Film Premiere, Empire cinema,Leicester Square, London UK, 14 November 2012, (Photo by Richard Goldschmidt)

Will Bella Swan, your favorite teenage heroine of Twilight series look stunning without her superb, silky and gorgeous hair? You can’t imagine that! In fact it’s a sin among teenagers to imagine Kristen Stewart without her hair. Most of the teenage girls consider her as a role model. Teenagers may be well aware of problems like acne, weight and relationships but they never had to worry about their hair falling out. No matter how hard to believe but teenage hair loss is a real thing and it can be caused by many number of reasons.

Adults may be well aware and used to having a hand full of hair while running it through their heads but for a teenager it’s a call for total chaos. Teenagers are said to have the most set of issues regarding their self-esteem especially when it relates to a physical problem. Most probably, the thinning of hair and apparent baldness in teenagers can be related to some rare medical conditions. However in most cases the cause can be quite general.

6 Major causes for hail loss in teenagers

  • If you have already ruled out other options of hair loss then you are most probably suffering from a rare condition called Alopecia Areata. AA causes loss of hair in the form of patches on the scalp and thus can be included as of the major reasons for hair loss in teenagers. You might be freaking out by now but don’t worry you won`t be going bald if you take proper medication.
  • If your body feels upset and lazy then probably this is also causing your precious young hair to fall out. A body of teenagers require all the important vitamins, nutrients and a balanced diet to have proper body functioning. In other words a healthy body means healthy hair.
  • Hair loss in young girls can be a direct link to their hormones which have gone berserk. A hormonal disorder and abnormal menstrual cycle can make the a young girl`s brush full of hair strands.
  • You may also want to check whether your tender body is taking all the necessary nutrients. Researchers say that the deficiency of VitaminB1 and Vitamin C can cause hair loss in teenage girls.
  • Female pattern hair loss may also be responsible for hair loss in girls hitting puberty.
  • Are you too much worried about your upcoming exams? Ongoing relationships? Take a break! Stress and depression are some of the major causes for hair loss in teenagers and adults.

There are dozen more reasons behind hair loss in teenagers. The good news is that all these problems come with simple remedies which can be practiced at home. Mostly the reason behind teenage hair loss is related to nutrient deficiencies. This can be easily controlled by having a balanced diet rich of nutrients.

Daily tips for hair loss

  • Regular oiling of hair (I know you must hate it but it’s a must) and use medically prescribed shampoos.
  • Cut back on the hair products and styling because those damage the hair most.
  • Put on your gym clothes and start training. Cut down cheese and burgers. Consuming at lest two liters of water everyday. All these will increase blood circulation which will trigger health growth.
  • Seeking help of a specialist if suffering from a severe condition.

Hair, especially for young teenage girls is an important part of their beauty and self-esteem. Healthy, thick and shiny hair is the proof of a healthy functionality inside the body. An average person loses 50 to 100 strands of hair everyday. This is nothing to worry about but you start losing more than that means it is high time to make some changes.

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