Stress hair loss: Can stress cause hair loss?

Stress hair loss

Stress hair loss

Perfect hair is often associated to a boost in self-confidence. On the other hand, gray hair or hair loss is an inevitable problem that comes with age. But, some people often come to terms with this problem way before their time. This could have many reasons but most of the times it is emotional or physical stress that is directly associated to hair loss or damaging problems. This is a grave matter for many as hair is one of the most prominent feature which has direct impact on your looks.

Stress hair loss : 3 Common conditions

In order to take quick measures and prevent serious damage to your hair, it is better to be aware of the types of stress hair loss. Although the list could go on forever, there are three commonly associated stress and hair loss conditions that you need to be aware of:
• Trichotillomania – In this type of condition, the stress  will cause your hair to stop growing completely. It may be in a certain area of the head or the entire head as well. Months later, the affected phase will have weak follicles which will eventually fall out.
Alopecia areata – In this condition it is the immune system that reacts to your hair in such a condition that hair starts to fall in great volumes. The immune system may be affected due to various factors but it is mainly the stress that causes this action to occur.
• Telogen effluvium – This is an entirely different and interesting condition. In this the victim himself will start to pull out hair. It can be from the head, eyebrows, eyelashes or any other area of the body as a means to deal with stress.

Stress hair loss: Recovery and hair growth

In some conditions, the roles may be reversed. It may be the hair fall or severely damaged hair that will result in stress for many. It is advised to see a doctor for diagnosis immediately when any of the above symptoms are observed. However, we have got to remember that stress is not permanent. It will eventually go away and your hair will grow back on its own. Thus, drugs and treatments can be avoided once things get under control.
To reduce emotional and physical stress, here is a list of tips to follow:
1. Completing your sleep cycle every day is a must! At least 7 to 8 hours of sleep is highly recommended by doctors all around the globe. This is not just good for a stress-free life but also for an overall healthy body and mood.
2. Maintain a healthy diet. Eat your vegetables and proteins daily so as to maintain a well-balanced weight and diet. Avoid skipping meals, especially your breakfast as it is the most essential of all the daily meals to get the body running.
3. Make exercise a daily part of your routine. Whether it is just for 30 mins, go out for a walk, run, cycling but ensure that some sort of healthy activity is a part of your everyday routine.

Stress is a phenomenon that does not happen to us. It is a response to an event that has occurred. And, a response is something we can choose. So keep that hair shining and healthy by using the above mentioned tips to reduce stress.

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