Going Bald? 4 major causes for Receding Hairline


The first question that breaks out spontaneously from your mouth when looking into a mirror in the morning and observing a horrific receding hairline. Am I growing old? Is something wrong with me? Is the world ending? These are some of the questions that start to haunt you as soon as you realize that you are losing hair. Receding hairline is a problem of both men and women but it is more lenient towards men.  It is not like that hair is a feature of beautification only for women but it’s a big part of a man`s persona as well.

Why do I have a receding hairline?

There are many causes related to receding hairline especially in men. This can be associated with a hormonal disorder, genetic condition, tension, depression or linked to a disease. Some of the most common root causes of receding hairline in men are as follows. Some of you will not be happy after reading them:

  • This must come as really grave news to smokers especially those who love their hair. Researcher have found a direct connection between hair loss in male and puffing cigarettes. If you feel that your smoking is not worth your hair then it is high time to leave it.
  • Male-pattern baldness is the most obvious reason for hair loss in men. It is a genetic disorder that attacks the hair follicle and causes it to thin around the crown region.
  • The biggest reason for receding hairline in men is taking too much stress. Though hair loss from other than male-pattern baldness can grow back but you have to work for it and I don’t know how strong you can act with a bald head! So let the positive energy flow in and also the health of your hair.
  • Deficiency of some important vitamins and nutrients also causes the grief of hair loss. It is advised to establish a healthy balance diet rich in Vitamin A, B, C and E.


Receding Hairline Stages

We know the causes of a receding hairline so now let`s talk about the stages of receding hairline in order to identify the cause.

Different stages of receding hairline

Different stages of receding hairline.

  • The first sign of a receding hairline means you will start losing your hair at the temple region which will form an M-shaped hairline. In this stage you start losing lateral hair while the ones in the middle and the sides remain.
  • After experiencing the M-shaped receding hairline, you will start to experience loss of hair at the top of hair which is a warning bell.
  • Now comes the scary part, after losing the hair at the top, a horseshow receding hairline is produced. In this stage the hair is left just at the back side and the sides of your head.
  • After the above stage you will start losing hair on a daily basis with great speed and in no time the “bald” period will kick in.

Receding Hairline Treatments:

Now let`s talk about taking this problem head to head and scoop up some remedies.

  • For M-shaped receding hairline which a sure sign of male pattern baldness, the common medicine we normally hear is FDA prescribed Minoxidil. You skin specialist may suggest 2%, 5% or 10% of Minoxidil depending on the receding hairline stage you are in. It is the main cause of follicle shrinkage. This will certainly slow the rate of hereditary male-pattern baldness.
  • You can do some smart styling to hide the receding hairline until you work your way to make up for the hair loss.
  • Control over usage of shampoos. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair daily once. Don’t over wash.
  • Stay away from stress! Easy to say but that’s the art of life we have to learn for a healthy skin, hair and soul.

Physical presentation is half of what you are and being able to miss that because of lack of caution and care is hard breaking. My advice, start thinking of your body first and then of the things that bring you pleasures and kicks.

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