Prevent Hair Loss – 5 Tricks & Tips for hair growth

prevent hair loss
Having hair loss issues is never pleasant and many men and women are struggling with this condition today. Hair loss can appear as a result of many factors such as poor hygiene, inadequate hygiene and hair malnutrition and neglect. To prevent hair loss is not a mammoth task.

There is not a person in the world who does not wish for shiny, healthy and strong hair, which is never damaged. To get this far, you have to follow several rules and make sure that you are treating your hair properly.

Although there are countless hair products on the market, all pricey and somewhat effective, we offer a couple of more practical tips of how to preserve your hair’s health and prevent hair loss completely.

Prevent hair loss – 5 quick tips for hair

To learn more about preventing hair loss, read the tips below and enjoy your new locks:

1) Avoid hair dryers – Keeping your hair wet and drying naturally can bring enormous benefits and enable the follicles to grow. Artificial dryers damage the hair roots and tips.  They can cause severe cracking and weakening in the hair, ultimately results in hair falling out. This is especially important in the warmer months when your hair is able to dry off genuinely and grow properly.

2) No dyes or chemicals – It is always best to keep your hair protected from any chemicals at all. If you are dying your hair, make sure to choose organic and chemical-free products. This will guarantee hair health and prevent any hair loss. Harsh products affect the scalp as well, which damages the hair roots and prevents growth of new hairs.

3) Keep hair as loose as possible – Whenever you can prevent pulling your hair into a bun, ponytail or an elastic, go for it. This enables the hair to breathe without causing damage or losing healthy hairs intentionally.

4) Massage scalp and affected areas – Giving a nice massage to your head stimulates the hair growth and regenerates the hair follicles. Use mild shampoo while doing this and be gentle. Also, make sure not to rub hair with a towel instead, tap liquid from hair gently and let hair dry off on its own.

5) Choose your products well –   It is always the best to choose natural, homemade products that enable the hair to develop and elongate properly and stay healthy in the process.

Natural products for hair that are highly recommended:

– Peppermint oil

– Aloe Vera

– Lemon (gives the hair extra shine, too)

– Lavender oil

– Rosemary oil

– Apple cider vinegar

– Sage oil

You can also consult your nutritionist. Learn how you can consume certain foods to encourage the hair growth and avoid hair loss. Some of these include eggs, salmon, pumpkin seeds, strawberries, almonds, beans and others.

By consuming these products regularly you will increase the chances for obtaining healthy hair. Hence prevent hair thinning and hair fall. It is always important to use organic and raw ingredients to get maximum effects from these foods and hair treatment products.

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