Onion Juice for Hair Loss and Hair growth!

onion juice for hair loss

Onion for hair loss

Onion is delicious when used in cooking, but is also an incredible multi-purpose remedy! People of the world have been using onions as a treatment for numerous diseases. Onion juice for hair loss treatment has been followed by many Asian and African countries centuries back.. Why people consider Onion Juice for hair growth a natural home remedy? Let’s figure it out.

Losing hair is always uncomfortable and represents a problem for many. Bald patches can occur more often than you might think, and affect both sexes equally. Although men are more likely to experience hair loss, many women (who possess larger levels of male hormones) are dealing with the problem, too.

Hair strength and volume, as well as thickness, can be lost as a result of various factors. At times, weak and inappropriate nutrition can contribute to hair loss, and in other cases, this is due to poor hygiene. Furthermore, genetics could play a key role in this problem, which is kind of unavoidable. However, onions can retrieve your hair’s health and stimulate the hair growth and development.

Why is onion juice for hair growth a better solution?

Onions contain high levels of sulfur which is in charge of creating new hair follicles. Moreover, onions massaged onto the scalp, trigger better blood flow and encourage hair growth. Also they possess anti-inflammatory properties which protect the hair and scalp from harm.
Onions are packed with a very specific enzyme, known as catalase that prevents the hair color fading process and keeps the hairs vivid and elastic.
Many studies have supported the use of onion juice for hair loss treatments, and first results were noticed in only two months. Onion juice for hair loss treatment should be practiced twice a week.

Onion juice for hair growth: How to prepare and use it properly?

You will need some simple ingredients, already found in your home, to prepare this awesome remedy.
Use it two times in a week to wash hair and enable it to grow naturally.

Onion juice for hair growth: Recipe

First, take 2 large onions and peel them thoroughly. Then, Chop them finely and then juice them. To get the best quantity of juice, it is preferable to use a blender, juicer or grater. Apply onion juice on hair directly and slowly massage the entire scalp until completely soaked in. Next, leave onion juice on for fifteen minutes or longer, to get best results. Rinse hair with lukewarm water (never hot, since it damages the hair). If you are bothered by the smell, rewash hair with a mild shampoo afterwards.

Other tips for preventing hair loss

Aside from this homemade remedy, you can do other simple things that will stimulate the creating of new follicles. Consume healthy products rich in minerals and vitamins, especially potassium. Furthermore, include oils in both your diet and topical hair treatments. Avoid severe and aggressive hair treatments, involving plenty of heat or combing. Also, during the summer, do not let hair to dry off by exposing it to sunlight extensively. Always protect hair with a conditioner or oil before heading to the beach. Use mild and natural hair products, or make them yourself, just to be safe.

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