Male Pattern Baldness and Treatment

Male pattern baldness

Most people may think that it doesn’t matter if a man is going bald but what if you are constantly being rejected and misunderstood because of the very same reason? What if hair loss is making you look aged and boring? Whether in men or women, hair loss is not something to be taken lightly. It can be a constant source of conflict for your confidence. It makes your personality look shabby. There aren’t many “hard-fact” reasons behind male hair loss. Apart from the usual falling out due to depression, there is also “Male Pattern Baldness”.

What is Male Pattern Hair Loss/baldness?

Now male pattern hair loss is not your usual catch of “it would soon stop” but it is a persistent problem. It has many root causes especially inside of your own body. What actually happens in male pattern baldness is that the cycle of hair growth starts to weaken. This particular problem attacks the hair follicle resulting in producing shorter strands of hair. This causes thinning of hair at the crown region and the hairline making you look 10 years older, not good!

What are the causes of Male Pattern Baldness?

• Research says that one top cause of male pattern baldness is that it’s hereditary and runs in the family. What it actually does that it disturbs the natural growth of hair by messing up with your male sex hormones called “androgens”. Though this condition is not medically lethal but it can reduce your manly head full of hair into a shining sphere.
• Is business not going great? Got bills to pay? Relationship issues? Well if you have all that then these are good reasons to be depressed. Being in stress and depression does not help your hair at all. In men, the most frequent reason of hair loss is due to tension. So it`s better to have hair when the times get good than having none at all.
• You must keep a look out in your family for male pattern baldness because that puts you on high risk of having it. Take necessary precautions before-hand and consult a dermatologist.
• Inherited male baldness doesn’t usually pose any medical risks. Sometimes patchy scalp and constant hair loss can point towards certain cancers, metabolic abnormality, anabolic steroids and certain thyroid conditions.

Treatments for Male Pattern Baldness:

You must be sweating reading all the above reasons if you are experiencing male pattern baldness. But higher chances are that you are not suffering from any life-threatening disease. Male pattern hair loss can be easily avoided by establishing some small habits. These habits will bear fruit for you or more better, bear some gorgeous hair for you. You can start by trying to identify the pattern of your hair loss and then taking necessary precautions. You can save your hair by reducing the intense amount of styling done on them and by reducing the use of hair products. Try to use medically prescribed hair products for a while until you get the situation under control. If you can follow these simple instructions, you can have your hair dancing in the wind in no time.

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