4 Effective Ways to Get Thick Hair Naturally

How to have thick hair
Thin hair is a very common problem, affecting both men and women. Not necessarily a hair loss, hair thinning represents weaker hair areas on the scalp, which leaves balder spaces on the head. How to have thick hair? How to get thicker hair naturally? These are the questions people asks normally when they are having thin hair.

A lot of medicines and fabricated remedies are being offered throughout pharmacies and stores, but rarely deliver results. They can be often expensive and demand long term use to bring minimum progress. Other treatments are also available for the general public, such as hair transplant and laser treatments, which are again, pricey and do not deliver optimal results.

How to have thick hair?

Ancient cultures and nations have been using the marvels of Mother Nature and managing to deal with thin hair issues for centuries. We are rarely introduced with the incredible benefits that come from simple oils, herbs and foods. These are more than effective when it comes to hair care.

Also, nutrition plays a great role in creating a great environment for the hair to thicken and grow in volume.

Although genetics may sometimes be the cause for this problem, there are excellent genuine methods which can stimulate the hair to grow thickly and avoid hair loss or thinning.

Here are the best methods and ways, in which you can contribute to your hair’s health and leave you with a full set of hair.

4 quick tips to have thick hair

Follow the instructions below to learn how to deal with hair loss and hair thinning easily:

1) Nutrition

As we already mentioned, a proper diet is required in order to maintain great hair health and never worrying about hair loss. You will need large amounts of vitamins B and C as well as some significant minerals such as zinc and copper. These enable the hair to grow full in volume and prevent cracking. Choose your foods well and make sure you stay hydrated at all times as well.

2) Oils

Massaging your scalp with various oils of your choosing (like almond, olive or lavender oil) can stimulate the growth of never before seen follicles. This encourage the hair to thicken. As far as the massages go, use circular motions to encourage hair growth and improve blood flow more easily. Always perform massages on a clean scalp and repeat washing process four times a week.

3) Conditioners

Whenever using labeled hair products, make sure to go for milder versions and organic products. Another important thing is not to apply conditioner onto the scalp directly, but 1 or 2 centimeters from the roots. This will treat the hair better and prevent greasing.

4) Masks

You can treat your hair thinning with applying healthy natural masks. One of our favorites is the egg mask which brings nutrients significant for the hair growth and volume. Apply a one egg mask on wet hair and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and repeat twice a month.

Aside from these tips make sure that you avoid tightening your hair into ponytails and buns. Never expose hair to direct and artificial heat. Comb hair with professional hairbrush and never pull hair unnecessarily.

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