Hair loss in children. 3 major causes for Baby Hair Loss.

Hair loss in children

Did you notice hair loss in your newborn? Don’t worry! This is quite normal. Newborns tends to loose hair in their initial six months. Hair loss in babies or children hair loss is not something you hear every day. Hair loss in adults and old people is common. When it comes to bald babies it does sounds a bit strange. When we have to start worrying about it? That’s when your baby losing hair even after six months.  Typically, baldness in children and babies comes from some sort of fungal infection in the scalp. It may be hereditary or your child may be suffering from some other medical condition. All in all, it is adamant that one concerns a pediatrician immediately.

Baby Hair Loss: 3 main reasons that might cause hair loss in children

    • If you find weird patches of hair loss while running your hand through your child`s head then it’s probably the Tinea Capitis infection which forms patches shaped like oval and circles on the scalp. They can be easily identified by the dermatologist. It can be cured by taking oral antifungal medicines as well as antifungal shampoo. You must also keep in mind that if your child is suffering from the described infection then you must try to avoid sharing their hats, scarf etc with other children.

Alopecia Areata in children

  • Sometimes baby bald spots or baldness in babies is caused by Alopecia Areata which is a condition said to be caused by the body`s immune system which attacks the hair roots. This is one of the most common reason for children hair loss which can be identified as clean, smooth and bald patches on the scalp. Research states that this condition can go on increasing and at some point may cause total hair loss. Medication can be taken to make the hair growth proper but it may not stop the patches from appearing again.
  • One other major cause of hair loss in children can be “Trauma” which is simply defined as the hair loss in children due to excessive rubbing of the hair at the same place or from wearing tight hair bands and braids. Trichotillomania is an extensive form of trauma which is caused by the habit of pulling or plucking of the hair. Parents may not realize at first but plucking of hair unconsciously especially in children can be a serious disorder. If you find your child doing so then immediately out him into therapy because this habit can become obsessive.

Baby Hair Loss: Prevention and treatments

Baldness in babies especially in children can be a growing problem if not nipped in the bud in early stages. For this purpose, one must keep a keen eye on the health of their children`s hair. Especially if they are developing any sort of unhealthy habit which may become addictive in the future. First step is to consult your pediatrician. He/she can diagnose for any common cause of hair loss in children. To keep hair healthy can try some in-house practices like oiling and applying homemade hair loss remedies. It may not be as important to children how their hair looks as it is to teenagers. If baldness in babies is not controlled in the early stages then it will be difficult to control it when they hit puberty. And we all know how much self-esteem issues young children have.

Medical conditions and diseases aren’t something you can foresee immediately. You can start by developing healthy habits in your children to avoid child hair loss. Ensure they are taking a balanced diet with all the necessary vitamins. Keep an eye on disturbing habits and replace them persuasively with other exercises.

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