Benefits of green tea for hair – Quick Recipe

Green tea for hair
Green tea for hair growth: Green tea has become widely popular recently, due to its extraordinary health benefits. The green tea is an excellent antioxidant that is bound to cleanse your organism and set you on the right track. Alongside its many purposes, the green tea has been widely used to treat one of today’s biggest issues- hair loss. Lets understand the benefits of green tea for hair.

Benefits of green tea for hair

The green tea has the structure similar to the black tea and belongs to the camellia sinensis family, but it is far milder and more soothing to the skin and scalp when it comes to treating hair loss problems.
Full of caffeine and antioxidants, the green tea will encourage your hair to regrow and form new follicles, yet another benefit of green tea for hair.

As a wonderful source of panthenol, often found in hair conditioners and shampoos, the green tea has the ability to also strengthen the hair and thanks to the amino acids contained it, known as heanine, heals the hair completely.
Plus, you will also get an extra shine and moisture in your hair, which will not allow cracking and end splitting again. Oh yes! Another benefit of green tea for hair! Finally, green tea is packed with loads of vitamin C and keeps the hair healthy even in the sunlight.

Green tea for dandruff and scalp

Use green tea as an effective tonic to treat dandruff and any scalp irritation. To do so, learn the recipe below and find out how you can prepare this tea in the comfort of your own home:
– 1 teaspoon organic green tea (or replace it with 1 tea bag)
– 2 cups water
– 1 clove (optional), good for scalp blood circulation
– 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds (optional), gives the hair extra shine
-1 teaspoon licorice root powder (optional), prevents hair dryness
– 1 teaspoon argan oil (optional)

In a medium-sized pot, place green tea and all other herbs. Pour hot boiling water over them and cover pot. Let tea steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain liquid and drink tea once it is cooled off. You can use the herb remains to decorate your garden and watch them bloom.

Advice: if you are dealing with dry hair, add a couple of argan drops in the tea. You can use any other oil of your preference as well.
Rinse hair with tea and massage finely. Leave tea on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse hair with cool water to keep the shine on.
You can transfer liquid in a spray bottle for easier application.
Make sure to always go for raw and organic green tea, since it offers better health benefits to your hair.

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