Understanding female pattern hair loss

female pattern hair loss

For the female gender, the thing other than the obvious difference which makes a woman feel like a woman is her beautiful hair. A woman`s hair can be a very accumulative and dear thing to her for which can work like a machine to keep it in the best shape possible. But these days the female population is facing a very grave issue regarding their hair and it is the female pattern baldness or most commonly known as “Female Pattern Hair Loss”. There are many medical and general reasons which can cause hair loss in females specifically. Some of these symptoms may even go undetected until you start to notice the obvious hair loss.

Causes of female pattern hair loss

Some of the highlighted reason which can be the main source of female pattern baldness can be:
• Due to shrinkage of follicle (cavity for each strand of hair) which is caused due to aging sometimes.
• Due to baldness pattern in the family history
• Due to the imbalance of androgens.

The good news is that female pattern baldness is nothing that cannot be cured and there are many simple medications along with procedures that are the perfect remedy for this problem. First of all, one needs to identify the correct symptoms of hair loss. Then categorize the symptoms with the correct cause. Female pattern baldness maybe due to some general deficiency of vitamins but some may be a caution sign towards an even more serious condition.

Symptoms of female pattern baldness

Hair thinning is the first sign of female pattern hair loss. The main areas of hair thinning is generally at the top and more likely towards the crown region. This is where the hair starts to thin out and the scalp at that area generally feels itchy. Some people may ignore this issue because the frontline hairline is the least affected and the problem goes undetected. Once you have detected the problem then you should look for the correct remedy.
Female pattern baldness can be a result of some family medical history. A complete examination and checkup is necessary based on the pattern of the hair loss. It should be kept in mind that menstrual cycles and abnormal growth of hair on face and other areas may also be related to the hair loss on scalp.

The medication recommended for female pattern baldness is Minoxidil as per recommended by FDA for applying on scalp. This medication usually helps the hair growing to about 1 inch depending from woman to woman. Other treatments may also be available regarding the seriousness of the problem. It is always recommended to consult your skin specialist before you start any medications for female pattern hair loss.

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