Chemotherapy hair loss – Regrow hair faster

Chemotherapy hair loss

Chemotherapy hair loss

Chemotherapy hair loss: Are you a cancer survivor? First of all we really appreciate the courage and self belief you have shown. Cancer is a very aggressive disease. You need courageous heart and strong mind to deal with it. Chemotherapy is one most commonly used treatment for fighting cancer cells. Chemotherapy uses medicines which readily attack the cancer cells. Unfortunately, the treatment in turn affects other cells of your body. One of the most common victims of chemotherapy are the hair cells. Most cancer patients report an excessive loss of hair after being treated with chemotherapy drugs. Don’t worry much about Chemotherapy hair loss, you are proven strong person. You can easily deal with chemotherapy hair loss.

why does chemotherapy cause hair loss?

It is always a good thing to wrap your head around the behind the scenes of your problems. Likewise it would be handy to know what happens to your hair during chemotherapy. Cancer is a very aggressive disease and so its treatment. Chemotherapy treatment uses some very powerful drugs which directly attack the cancer cells to make them dormant. These drugs also attack the hair follicle. It slowly burns the roots of your hair causing eventual reduction in size and then hair fall. In some cases the loss may spread out to your eyelashes, eye brows, armpit hair and the hair on your body. The good news in all this is that your hair doesn’t lose its regenerative properties. Your hair will grow back after a few weeks when the treatment is finished.

How to deal with Chemotherapy hair loss?

Chemotherapy hair loss

Chemotherapy hair loss

It is better to get yourself prepared for what`s going to happen when you start losing hair after chemotherapy. You will probably start losing hair after two to four weeks when the therapy begins. At first you will start losing hair in bunches like in the shower or in your comb. This process will continue until your treatment ends. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will completely go bald. This will depend entirely on the duration of your treatment. You must be feeling a lot more fearful now after reading the consequences. But the key in this situation is patience. The good thing is that your hair will grow back as soon as the treatment stops but it will take a few weeks. The only probability of change after regrowth will be just in the texture and pigment of your hair.

Chemotherapy hair loss – Treatment:

Up till now there hasn’t been any convenient treatment made to prevent hair loss due to chemotherapy. It is inevitable and you will loss hair either during or after the treatment. The best way to deal with chemotherapy and hair loss is to make necessary preparations to make yourself comfortable. If you keep preparing yourself then the hair loss will not come as a shock to you. Still if you are looking for enhancing hair growth you can try some verified drugs. The most famously known treatments may include scalp hypothermia and Minoxidil. Minoxidil is a known medicine to enhance the regrowth process of hair in men and women. Scalp hypothermia is a hair loss preventing treatment which freezes the scalp veins during chemotherapy so it doesn’t affect the hair roots. But this process will likely expose your scalp for potential cancer cells after the therapy.

Cancer is a fearsome experience from which not everyone wins. There are many side-effects to the treatment for this disease and your hair is the most obvious victim. Dealing with hair loss can be a tough experience after the therapy. But preparing yourself before-hand can spare you the future adversities.

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